Buying an investment property can be a dream come true, but it can be an expensive dream. One excellent way to help cover costs is to let the property on a holiday basis. When you are considering renting your property on a holiday basis you may ask why you need the services of an agent. Following are some important issues you need to consider in helping you make that decision:

  • Are you prepared to organise any repairs/maintenance and deal with guests and the responsibility that this involves?
  • Do you know what your rights and responsibilities are and your guest’s rights and responsibilities?

A managing agent can act as a buffer between you and the guest, especially when there are problems. Many clients also feel more comfortable having an agent to handle exchange of monies etc. Coastal Retreats WA always have your best interests at heart.

Presentation is crucial and will ultimately determine how many and what type of guest you will attract. A fresh, clean, well-maintained and well-presented property will attract a higher rent and ensuring your property is up to standard is a commitment. Coastal Retreats WA will look after your investment property always assuring you of maximum effort and professional service.

  • Furnishings:
    The standard of your furnishings and equipment will reflect in the amount of rent you can charge. Use good quality, robust furniture and equipment that can be easily cleaned and will not be high maintenance. Wooden or tiled floors with rugs are a good idea. Accept that things may get accidentally broken so don’t put in items that you will fret over if they get broken.
  • Bedrooms:
    Beds/sofa beds must be good quality and comfortable. Mattress protectors are to be provided for each bed plus pillows, quilts and blankets. There should be bedside tables and lamps and ample hanging/storage space with good quality clothes hangers.
  • Kitchen & Laundry:
    These must be fully equipped. Allow a few above the maximum number of guests that will stay. Make sure that pans, coffee pots and tea pots are big enough and you have items which are suitable for your kitchen appliances. A BBQ should be provided.
  • Smoke Alarm:
    Various acts of WA legislation, Australian Standards and the Building Codes of Australia dictate the quantity, type, location, testing, decibel levels and maintenance of smoke alarms. Coastal Retreats WA will arrange the necessary checks and certification of your alarms by a qualified electrician for an annual fee (at cost) to avoid the liability and stress is something unfortunate was to happen.
  • Cleaning & Linen Supply:
    The importance of cleaning cannot be overemphasized. It is essential that the property is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after each holiday occupant. Coastal Retreats WA have a team of professional, fully insured cleaners that provide that little extra attention. A comprehensive clean is carried out after each booking which the guest pays. Linen is provided and includes fitted and flat sheets, pillowcases, quilt covers, bathmats, bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths. This will be taken away and professionally cleaned at the end of each stay. You are to provide pillow protectors, bedspreads, blankets, bed skirts and mattress protectors. 
  • Swimming Pools and Spas:
    As the owner of the property you must ensure your pool or spa is appropriately fenced according to local government building laws. Portable pools are to be emptied and stored away during holiday rentals. It is important that your pool and/or spa is maintained to a high standard year-round. Coastal Retreats WA will arrange for regular maintenance by a professional subcontractor.
  • Blind & Curtain Cords
    As the owner of the property you must ensure that there are no unsecured cords or chains which a child could reach or become entangled in. Rules apply on these items whether there are children staying at the property or not.
  • Balconies & Decks
    These should have regular (bi-annual) maintenance whether made from timber, metal, concrete or other material. This will be arranged by Coastal Retreats WA.
  • RCDs
    Two RCDs must be installed on the switchboard of your property prior to it being leased. Coastal Retreats WA will arrange for a qualified electrician to test the RCDs every three months to ensure their reliability. Any faults will be reported to us and the faulty RCD will be replaced immediately.
  • Key Lock Box
    Coastal Retreats WA will purchase a lock box and install on your property.
  • Highchair and Portable Cot
    Coastal Retreats WA will purchase both which will be kept at your property.
  • Insurance
    We cannot stress enough the importance of having appropriate insurance policies in place to protect you and your investment. Inform your insurance company your home will be rented out and will cover you for holiday tenancy. This is a prerequisite before signing up with Coastal Retreats WA. Please provide our office with a copy of your Certificate of Currency showing your limit of public liability coverage which we will keep on file. We will ensure that your policy is kept up to date and annually renewed. Click here for the Short-Term Accommodation Policy information from EBM Insurance who you may wish to sign up with.
  • City of Busselton Holiday Home Local Laws
    If you are considering making your home available for short term rental you are required to apply to the City of Busselton to change the status of your property from “residential” to “holiday home”. Click here for a guide of the City of Busselton requirements. Adherence to these local laws are a prerequisite before signing up with Coastal Retreats WA. Please provide a copy of your certificate of registration to our office which we will keep on file.