Coastal Retreats WA specialises in marketing luxury holiday homes with a select portfolio set in some of the south west’s most idyllic surroundings. Our goal is to build a collection of distinct places that guests fall in love with, rather than an endless list where your property can easily get lost, and of course to maximise your return on your property.

Our sales team are all local residents and our in-depth knowledge of the area makes us destination experts. Our personal, knowledgeable and professional service help property owners to enjoy excellent levels of income from their property. Renting your home can sometimes be a hard personal choice, or sometimes an important business decision. We want to build long term relationships with our homeowners, so we listen to what you want from the rental of your home and fit our service offering around this. If you have never rented a second home before, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Our website is our shop window and we never cease to improve the user experience by embracing new technology. With a fully responsive website users can easily navigate, search and learn more about your home whether using a desktop, tablet or mobile. We further enhance this experience with beautiful photography and detailed descriptions for each property.

If your property meets with the Coastal Retreats WA guidelines, we will come out and visit your property to provide you with a free appraisal and provide a rental projection. Our rental projections are detailed and based on our knowledge of the exclusive property rental market. We offer competitive commission rates with no restrictions on personal use of your property. We charge a fixed rate commission, plus GST, on all bookings that we take on your behalf.

We offer no restrictions to owners staying at their own properties, which is how we feel it should be. In addition to this, we do not produce inflexible service contracts that restrict owners to a tiny amount of peak availability or charge them lost commission when they book to stay at their own property. All our owners have different requirements of their property and we build a contract around what works for all involved.

By providing an entirely personal booking service to potential guests we speak with every booking prior to confirming to make sure that we are matching the right guests to your home. Not only does this ensure your property is being enjoyed as intended but establishes a great customer relationship with your guests to keep them coming back. We take a paid-in-full security deposit prior to each guest’s arrival which allows us to mediate a quick and effective resolution to any matters of damage to your home that may occur during a guest’s stay. Fortunately, instances such as this do not happen very often, however accidents do happen, so it is important to know you are working with an agent that has your interests in mind.

A beautiful home is only as great as the service providers who maintain it. Finding the right companies to provide your housekeeping, property management and maintenance services is the key to a smooth-running holiday home. We work with excellent service providers in our existing rentals to maintain a consistent level of service which is a real asset to owners of holiday homes.

Click here for a brochure to our recommended holiday home insurance company and the City of Busselton Holiday Home Local Laws for your perusal. It is a prerequisite of signing up with Coastal Retreats WA that your holiday home is covered by an appropriate short-term accommodation insurance policy and meets local City of Busselton requirements.

So, if you own a holiday home that is bursting with character and you are interested in joining the Coastal Retreats WA portfolio then please get in touch. We would love to work with you.  We know that every holiday home is unique and very much loved and that different owners want different things from their special homes.

Managing Director